Tired of jumping through hoops and risking spam just to figure out what something might cost? Me too!
I value your time as much as you do so these quote samples should a sense of my service charges with an hourly rate guide of £25 per hour.
If you’re looking for a more tailored quote for your project, do get in touch.

Digital design: Graphics & Online

Graphic Design: Transform your ideas into visually appealing graphics. Whether it’s designing eye-catching social media posts, engaging marketing materials, or polished business logos, I offer graphic design services starting at just £25 (depending on the complexity required). From concept creation to final design, I ensure your brand’s message is communicated effectively through compelling visuals.

Website Design: Enhance your online presence with a professionally designed website, with a special offer of £200 for a simple website with a few pages. This price bracket uses open-source WordPress themes which are customised to your needs. From responsive layouts to seamless navigation, I focus on delivering a seamless user experience with visually appealing layouts and user-friendly navigation. Whether you need a personal blog or portfolio site, I design and develop websites that not only look great but also function flawlessly across devices. Websites that require tighter security protocols for online payments and transactions such as e-commerce shops have a different price band, please ask.

Books, Editorials & Publishing

Booklet Design: Communicate your ideas effectively through professionally designed booklets, starting at £300. I provide comprehensive booklet design services, handling everything from layout and typography to imagery and colour schemes. Whether it’s promotional booklets, event programs, or informational guides, I ensure your content is presented in a visually engaging and organised manner, leaving a lasting impression on your readers or serving as a souvenir.

Book Production: Bring your literary works to life with my book production services which include cover design, layout, image generation, securing copyright clearance, and content editing. I create visually appealing book layouts and covers that capture the essence of your story or message. From typography choices to cover illustrations, every aspect of the design is meticulously crafted to match the tone and genre of your book. I work closely with independent authors to ensure the final product is not only visually stunning but also a true representation of your vision. To take your book from your Microsoft Word manuscript to a polished hardcover or paperback delivered to your letterbox – ask for my full book production package, which starts from £1,000.


Event Photography: Preserve the memories of your special events with my event photography coverage, starting at £200. Whether it’s product launches, corporate events, celebrations, or conferences, I capture the essence of the moment with a keen eye for detail. My services are also available to start-ups looking to have their team, premises and products photographed for their website and social media platforms.